Thursday, June 6, 2013

TRENDS What you need to know

Trend spotting! I like to walk the streets of Manhattan, for me there is no better way than city walking to find about what is up and coming and Trending! What are artsy people actually wearing? I find my biggest inspiration are people ;-) from new designers which might not be very well known...yet, and Art Exhibits. And of course I participate in New York Fashion Week every year, so it keeps me so in tune with what is happening in the Fashion World! But you know what? I still prefer to do Street-Style walks, and capture as much as I can with my camara! "Normal" people are so much more inspiring!

But you might not be so lucky, yet, but thanks to blogs and online magazines you can also search for trends on the internet!

So we have finally Trends! We have arrived at the last key of The 5 Keys to Dressing Well! What a journey!

Hopefully you have answered many of the questions I posted for you, and that has helped you to identify your own unique style. You also should have by now, more of an idea of the colors that best suit your own personal coloring!, what your body shape is, and also what lines and cutting flatter it.

You might now be at the Closet Clearing stage, and that is quite arduous, I know! You need to invest a lot of time to clear up your closet, but it is totally worth it! Not only you will have more physical space for new items in your closet, but emotionally and mentally you will feel lighter, as you let go of those things that don't flatter your body, are too old, too torn, or don't suit your current lifestyle!

You should also be learning to invest your hard-earned money in pieces that you will wear many many times, because you now know how to shop, and won't be taken by any new fad that comes along!

So you are now ready to learn about TRENDS. Lots of "things" seem to be trending at the same time nowadays, so how do you know which trends to "follow"? if any at all...

I suggest you check out fashion magazines like Vogue UK, Elle, Harpers Bazaar and the online magazines like Style and Refinery29, these are all very good options to browse through monthly. There are also plenty of blogs that give you up to date, real street-style insider info. Also do an online search for your local area and see if there are any blogs worth following in your town, the chances are you share the same "dress codes" seasonal weather and lifestyle, so it can help you stay current.

If you are one lucky girl and live in a big urban city like Paris, New York :-), London, Rome, Milan, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, just walk the streets and you will have plenty of inspiration!

A few ideas that are now trending for Summer

  • polka dot denim

  • carry all backpacks 

  • flower printed pants/jeans

  • buttoned up blouses

  • bra tops

  • denim vests

More on how to differentiate trends from fads...coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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