Thursday, September 19, 2013

Milan Fashion Week Alberta Ferretti

Let's take a more thorough look at Alberta Ferretti's Spring Collection from Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013

 Plain white dresses with colorful flowers in light fabrics.
 We can also see transparencies, and the same combination of colorful flowers and ribbons in plain black fabric dresses.
 This is my absolute favorite from Alberta Ferretti's Spring Collection. The combination of a light forest green and electric blue is beautiful.  A light Asian influence can be perceived in this design, maintaining its creative originality and surprise, while remaining current and modern.
 For the more classic and conservative of us, Alberta Ferretti presented A line skirt dresses with collared necklines with beautiful intricate designs that remind us of Mayan patterns.
 Orange was a main color for Alberta Ferretti's collection this Spring in Milan. But then again, the combination of colorful embroidery of flowers gave all plain colored dresses a typical Latin American or East European vive.

 Ribbon was also used to decorate dresses, and as shoe laces. "Greek" style or "galdiator" Sandals were the choice for this Spring 2013 Collection from Alberta Ferretti in Milan Fashion Week Spring 2013.

Take a look at one more designer that has inspired similar looks at New York Fashion Week

What do you think? Do you like Alberta Ferretti's Spring 2013 Collection? Which one of these is your favorite look? 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What do Milan and New York have in common for Fashion this Spring?


Here I am taking a few looks from two of the most trendsetting urban style designers out there right now, Rebecca Minkoff (New York Fashion Week) and Alberta Ferretti (Milan Fashion Week)...let's see for yourself the parallelisms of these designers when presenting the new styles, looks and designs for the next Spring. 

Rebecca was inspired by strong personalitites like Frida Kahlo and Bianca Jagger. She combined traditional elements from Latin American cultures, specially Mexican, with more modern silhouettes and fabrication. Lots of mini skirts, and shorts, flower embroideries, athletic wear and pencil skirts. Long loose dresses, lots of necklaces and bangles, all combine to form an eclectic and modern look. I loved it! 
Alberta Ferretti, showed lots and lots of white with embroidered colorful flowers in orange, and blue. Her collection consisted mostly on plain colored dresses, predominant colors were, white, black, and orange, with details in colorful flowery combinations and ribbons. You can see also in Ferretti's designs a very strong Latin American influence, specially from Colombian and Venezuelan traditional coastal dresses.

Keep coming back for more, because more trend spotting  is coming soon!

Friday, September 6, 2013

New York Fashion Week Live Streaming

New York Fashion Week Live

If you are interested in knowing what is happening right now at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, here I leave you a link to follow the live streaming of NYFW Fashion Shows.

New York Fashion Week LIVE streaming here:

Enjoy it! We will discuss NYFW shows in following posts!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bicycle riding is IN

The Bicycle as a Fashion Statement

Walking the streets of Barcelona, one can not stop to be amazed at the beauty all around, every street, every corner, building, store, has a special touch, feeling, distinctive personality. Every item, every person, every stone, can stand on its own, and shout to the world "Here I am!, look at me!". Definitely this city has inspired artists such as Gaudi, and Picasso to create monumental pieces of art and history, both for their dimensions and creativity and their technical perfection.

But today I am going to talk about a simple device, and not necessarily a huge technological development of the latest decade, but indeed a device that makes our lives easier and more enjoyable, the bicycle.

Riding a bicycles in big cities can be a daunting task, but thanks to new government policies, the inclusion of bicycle lanes and access to buying equipment, the bicycle is becoming the latest fashionable item you MUST have, if you want to be IN. 
Riding a bike can save time, if you live in a city like Buenos Aires, where public transportation scheduling is unreliable, I would say 80% of the time! 
What I love about my bicycle, is that I can park it anywhere, yes I do have a very thick chain and lock, as I am in Buenos Aires, right now, and one can not be too careful! But nonetheless the good thing is also that traffic does not intimidate me, as I can pedal my way around a whole lot of vehicles in seconds. 

I also agree with fitness experts that say riding your bicycle is a great workout, and I add that it is an amazing way to start your day, with energy and enthusiasm. If you sum all of these, with the benefit of not contaminating the environment with fuel exhaustion and saving physical space due to limited parking space demand, I am all in for riding my bicycle to work every day. But what makes it even more appealing nowadays is that it has indeed become fashionable! 
Are you riding a bicycle? What are you waiting for? If you live in a big urban city like Barcelona, New York City, Rome, Madrid, London, Paris, Tokyo, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, and you don't have a bicyle yet, don't wait anymore! Go and get one, if not for any other reason, but just to be fashionably in!

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Seven Elements of Style

The Seven Elements of Style through the eyes of Roman Street-Style

Which are the Seven Elements of Style? Here you will find a list that will help you put together looks, while considering each and every piece of the puzzle that makes up your own unique style. Let's see what women wear in the streets of Rome, and how each are showing thie elements through their choices. Let's start with the number one element:

1 - Spirit and Values

Your Spirit and Values are the number one and most important factor in your Style.

It is evident this lady is a business woman that values business, image, tradition, and elegance, and chooses her clothing accordingly.

2 - Shape and Fit

The shape of your body, the shape of the clothes you choose to wear, and how they fit in your body, are the second most important element in your style.

3 - Fabrics

What fabrics do you choose to wear, why? e.g: Languid, flowing, draping fabrics, or hard structured woven textiles.

4 - Colors

I have talked extensively about color choices, your personal colors, and what colors mean. Colors can either make or break a whole style concept.

5 - Pattern

Which patterns do you choose to wear? You don't even wear patterns or prints? All this determines a fundamental element of Style.

6 - Accessories

How many? Which ones? Love to wear expensive jewels? Only gold? Silver? Just plain bijoux accessories? Where do you buy them? How many do you wear? Do you combine many? Wear just one statement piece? Do you have a signature item you always wear? 

7 - Hair and Make Up

Do you do blow dry your hair, wear it straight, curly; go to the salon often? Never go to the salon? Dye it? Leave it gray? Wear it up? Wear it down? Love it long? Wear it short? All this closes a whole Style, at the focal central point which is you face.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Printed Pants Street-style Rome and Barcelona

Printed pants, mostly floral prints, are
a staple item this Summer!

All kinds and for all ages. I went out to the streets of Rome and Barcelona and photographed a few ideas for you.

I consider wearing printed pants either a total freedom style statement, as if going to a nude beach and letting go completely of all dressing rules, and not really caring how your bum actually looks! And also wearing printed pants is a total style statement, as you can look so sophisticated if you really wear it right!

Take a look at a few examples and see what would you say they are? Total style freedom with no rules, or on the contrary well put together and stylish outfits!

Let's see, have fun!

Friday, July 26, 2013

What to wear for Summer in Rome?

Wondering what to wear for a Summer holiday in Rome? It is very simple...

When in Rome, do as Romans do, and wear shorts!

I have just come back from Rome, what a wonderful city! Beware though, it is very HOT in Summer! Check out below, some ideas:

Do not forget your backpack, it is an absolute must have for both comfort and style! I love this black and white stripes. Check it out below:

Blue Shorts are a classic, and now electric blue, is the new black! Remember I mentioned it, if you want to be ahead of the pack, go an invest in an Electric blue dress, shirt, or pair of shorts! You will thank me!

Black is a must if you are heavier on the bottom, this pair from BCBG are ideal, since they have flair, another great pair is the one below from French Connection

DENIM SHORTS: No matter what your age or size, you must own at least a pair of these!
If you don't dare to wear shorts, opt for the bermuda version, they are much more elegant!

Other options are lace shorts and colorful geometrical prints.

You are ready!!! Remember wear sunscreen, it is extremely hot in Rome!

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