Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are NEON colors still trending?

Are Neon Colors still trending?


Why is this trend that started almost two years ago, still so popular?

What exactly makes neon colors, so appealing?

Are Neon Colors the new classics? 
I am betting that just like what happened with "animal prints" Neon colors are here to stay for a long while. So you better learn how to make the best of them!

michael kors nyc
Fluorescence is the
emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light. It is a form of luminescence. It absorbs energy, stores and emits it, slowly and continuously. So it is a constant source of ENERGY! Wow! then that would explain why its used do much for sports wear! I wouldn't mind a little bit more energy when going for my morning runs!

Neon colors or fluorescent colors, are playful, fun and very much 80's ....One of the reasons why everybody who is in their 30's either loves them, or hates them! Depending on childhood experiences :-)
kate spade nyc

Wearing neon colors instantly brightens you up, it adds lightness to any outfit, and communicates that you can be playful and fun.

Manhattan girl
Manhattan girl

Just adding enough of this colors is key, you don't want to either seem too informal, unless you are a kindergarten teacher, or call too much attention (unless you are directing airplanes to their bays, or high traffic on a Monday morning in Manhattan) I wouldn't recommend you to wear this neon pink dress on the right, to the office. Although she is wearing black sleeves, black pantyhose and black boots. It is still too informal for business. If your field of work is informal, or you are just running errands, then you would look great, just like the lady on the left. She is wearing a pair of blue jeans, a neon pink cardigan and a neon mint green scarf, which combine beautifully. Needless to say if you are on the way to the beach neon is an ideal option!
Zara New York City

Armani Exchange New York City
The easiest way to use Neon colors is to add them in small doses.  I went back to the little beautiful streets of Miami and then to Manhattan to find out how people are wearing this trend, and how stores and brands are styling it.

Autumn or Spring, Winter or Summer, Neon colors can be worn ALL Seasons. Hats, necklaces, shoe laces, t-shirts, beach dresses, and all kinds of accessories are ideal pieces, also bags, backpacks, and items that you can add on and subtract easily from an outfit.

La fosforescencia es el fenomeno en el cual ciertas sustancias tienen la propiedad de absorber ENERGIA y almacenarla, para emitirla posteriormente. La energía absorbida se libera lenta y continuamente.

 Vestir colores neon o fosforescentes es tener una fuente proveedora de energia continua! Sera por eso que se utilizan tanto estos colores para la ropa deportiva?!

Son divertidos, brillantes, informales. Ademas, los colores fosforescentes son sinónimo de años 80. Una de las razones por las que las mujeres de más de 30, los aman u odian, dependiendo de sus experiencias en la infancia.
Manhattan girl

Los colores fluo, fosforescentes o neon, son ideales para usar como "accent pieces", aunque hoy en dia, podemos verlos en outfits completos, de pies a cabeza. 

Este trend que comenzo hace poco mas de dos años, llego para quedarse. No me extranaria si no se convierte en un "clasico" como lo hicieron los "animal prints"
Manhattan girl
anthropologie new york city
Los colores fluo se asocian con la diversión, la informalidad. Son colores dinámicos, y que llaman la atención instantáneamente. Es por eso que se ven mucho en la industria deportiva.

Para incorporarlos a nuestro vestuario, la clave esta en usarlos en "dosis", pues no queremos que nos confundan con el señor de tráfico de aeronaves, ni con el policía de tránsito. 
Manhattan girl
Banana Republic New York City

Decidí salir por las callecitas de Miami y de Nueva York para ver como estan usando estos colores fluo.

Si todavia no usaron ningun color fosforescente esta temporada, les sugiero que se animen, empiecen con algún accesorio, o detalle.
Miami street style

El poder de los colores, es inmenso, no me cansare de repetirlo! y en el caso de los colores fosforescentes se cumple mas que nunca! Pura, pura, pura ENERGIA! quiero más!

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