Friday, May 31, 2013


We need to love the skin we’re in, and accept our curves or lack thereof! So it’s NOT about size, it’s about your body shape! Balance and proportion as we said in previous posts are the keys to flattering your figure, whether your dress size is a 0 or a 20. Let's find the best way to create harmony from your head to your toes is with visual symmetry.

Here are some tips for each body shape, and also suggestions of dresses that compliment that body shape! The first thing I considered when choosing the dresses to suggest, is the cutting, then the type of fabric and specially where the value of colors  (darker and lighter colors) were placed in the overall design of the dresses. Hope you can use this as a guide for your own shopping! Bare in mind that the models don't necessarily have the corresponding body shapes, though the dresses on each side of the body types listed are flattering for that particular body shape.

Hourglass Those women who have an hourglass body shape are naturally balanced, meaning the width of the shoulders and hips is the same and they have a definite waist. Try to avoid anything that hides your waist as it is the asset you want to show off.  By cinching yourself in with a belt, you can highlight those curves. Also wear tailored pieces.
Triangle You also a definite waist, so show it off! What you need to do is balance your top half which is smaller in size, with your bigger bottom half. Make use of trends like bold shoulders and statement necklaces (which are big right now!), and use details and colors on tops to draw up the eye and create more volume on your top half. Keep your bottom half simple, wear darker colors on straight cut pants or a-line skirts.

Inverted triangle You tend to have broad shoulders and narrow hips , so what it's needed to achieve visual balance is wear clothing that helps elongate your torso. By elongating your torso we create a vertical line that draws attention to your entire silhouette and not just your broad shoulders. You can do that  by wearing a long necklace, also wear long tops that end just where your hips start. Avoid wearing short tops, and high-waisted jeans, skirts and pants. You don't need shoulder pads, so avoid wearing them. Halter tops also increase the size of your shoulders visually so try to avoid them also. Show off your great legs, with shorts, and slim pants!

Rectangle  You want to create visual curves and define the waistline. Many women with a rectangular body shape complain of their boyish figure, but there are plenty of ways to play up your femininity and your assets. Wear wrap around tops and dresses, they flatter all figures and specially rectangular shapes, as they visually create a waist and flare at the hips. Bias cuts, can also create the illusion of bigger or curvier hips, thus creating a waist. Use jackets and blazers with darts at the waist, specially perfect for your body shape is the Peplum.

Round What happens with the round body shape, is that it usually conceals another body shape, due to extra weight carried at the middle. Most times a Round body shape is a rectangular or inverted triangle body shape. Let's deal with the shape the body is in now. So if you have a round body shape, my suggestion is to wear same color on top and bottom halves. Don't think you can wear light colors? Of course you do! Take a look at the off white dress on your left, it is perfect for a round body shape, it has an empire waist cut and pleads in a semi structured cut and fabric. 

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