Friday, March 29, 2013


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Spring is full of color, and also full of prints, specially florals. If you go out shopping, or even decide to shop online, you will find that most of the prints this season are for the bottom half. Shorts, skirts and pants are the focus of Spring 2013. With that comes the fun of combining them with different tops and layers.
It is somewhat difficult to pull together the floral pants, but because it is such a huge trend now, I am going to tell you what the best options are.
Well, lets see, I am going to address here, the majority of women, who I believe do not want to create the illusion of a bigger bottom. If in your case, you have a tiny almost not even there bottom, then go ahead and buy all the printed pants you can wear and combine them as you wish!
But let's go back to tips on wearing printed pants:
  • The kind of PRINT you choose to wear is VERY important! Are you small framed? Less than 5 feet 3, or 1.60 cm, is your wrist tiny? (this is realted to your overall bone structure) then try and choose smaller prints. If you are on the heavier side, or are very tall, then you would look great in medium to big sized prints. It should all be in proportion to your personal size. Remember we are focusing on the lower half here, only.
  • For all, It's better to wear slim fitting pants, not too tight! but with a little bit of stretch, either elastane, or Lycra in the fabric composition, about up to 3% is enough. We don't want a legging look. The pants will mention this in the tag. You need to start reading those tags, if you aren't already!
  • Think what shoes you will wear them with and choose the length of the pants accordingly. I would suggest prints in general look better with a bit of a heel. Wedges are coming big again this Spring/Summer. So make sure the length fit those higher heeled shoes or sandals.
  • Choose the top in a color that both flatters your features and also complements the print. It doesn't have to be the main color of your pants, it doesn't have to match the color! Go a bit wild and experiment with different tops, but make sure, the color is at least a shade lighter than the color of your pants. You could wear stripes, or squares, or polka dots, on your top also! Even try with different textures and add some lace, or tweed to your top in layers.

Remember as long as your pants are darker than your top and the size of the print is in proportion to your own size, you are all set to experiment and create your own personal look! Be confident that you look harmonious and graceful!

You can see in the pictures the model is wearing medium sized prints. She is 5 feet 6, and small framed. She also has big features, but I still wouldn't want her to wear very big prints on her bottom half. What matters when choosing lower body pieces, is not so much your facial features but your overall body frame! you can find all of these pants at

If you are willing to try, send us your picture wearing a look you created to, and we will choose a Winner to feature by the end of next month!

These are beautiful pants from Anthropologie but they are large size printed! Below we can see an example of large prints, and how they visually shorten and widen your body. So always remember your frame and choose accordingly!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

INSPIRATION doesn't come in DREAMS it comes in YELLOW

Yellow reminds me of...Bali Flowers, Vanilla Muffins, Laos sunsets, LV checkered bag, CK dresses, Bosporus cruises in Istanbul during sunset...

I feel inspired, I don't think I have ever been so inspired by a color, as I feel now about Yellow.

The truth is that with the exception of the dress from "How to lose a man in 10 days" I never thought yellow was either that elegant or sophisticated, and I had always assumed it was a difficult color to wear...

My walls I have painted yellow, I have been known to do that, but I owned a yellow shirt for years and never managed to leave the house wearing it...

But things are changing now, I am changing, and I am learning on how to use color effectively, hopefully you will learn with me...

These are a few of the things that inspired me...

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yellow's no no's

Jessica Alba:
As a general colouring rule, you should know that bright luminous colours, such as yellow, make everything appear larger visually. So why would an hourglass shaped girl want to wear it in a skirt, with a black top? That is not a good choice, besides the fact that the skirt is also printed with plaids.
Another mistake? The shape of the skirt. If you do want to wear yellow in your bottom half, make sure it is "fitted" and your top is loose, and not the opposite as in this case. Solution: change the shape of the skirt to a pencil skirt, and ditch the print. Wear the print on top.

Sorry Jessica, that is Not a good outfit for you. Even if you have a great body, like she does, you can still make mistakes when picking what to wear.

Kim Kardashian:
Like her or not, Kim Kardashian already has a very defined waist, and big hips. The peplum is ideal for those women that want to "create" a waist.
In Kim's case the combination of peplum and a heavy weight fabric, like brocade, together combined with the brightness of yellow, make her look larger. Not a good choice. Solution: ditch the peplum, change type of textile to a structured but less decorated fabric, and she could keep the yellow.

Source: Bauer-Griffin Online


Saturday, March 23, 2013


Yellow makes me HAPPY!
It gives luminosity to the face, adds a touch of fun to any outfit, and after a long winter, the much needed warmth!

I love yellow in general, it makes me hopeful, it cheers me up, to me it is the color of happiness!

Used as an accent piece, with this blazer jacket, it doesn't look overwhelming

It looks sophisticated, yet trendy and FUN!

Jacket, pants and blouse shirt from

Friday, March 22, 2013

BEST COLOR choices for BLONDES, or how to replace BLACK!

Do you know why traffic signals are black over a bright yellow background?
You got it! They are calling our full attention! Danger ahead! Watch out! Look here!
These signalling can save our lives so you bet that this color combination has been proven to work!

What does it remind you of though?

Aha! Yes! That's the idea. A bright blonde wearing a black wardrobe. Instant Attention!

Well who wouldn't like a bit more attention? Or maybe you wouldn't? You prefer to be on the peripherals of this crazy public exposure driven world...that's also an option.

So listen, if you feel like going out and conquering the world, ok.....maybe just for a little while, a night maybe? buy yourself a blonde wig (if you can't afford to dye your hair) and put on a little black dress.

On the other hand if you want people to notice you, your real features, your smile, the spark in your eyes, and not just the fact that your hair is blond..which I would recommend to build authentic and more enduring relationships, well then I suggest you pick a little white dress, maybe a dark slate grey or ink blue, depending on your skin's undertones if you want to be in neutrals. My best bet for Spring 2013 would be for you to wear all those beautiful pinks, baby blues, and mint greens and even the yellow that is so trendy right now, and if the proper shade will complement you beautifully.

These could be used as your neutrals, these are for a mostly cool based undertone, but that is a good example of an ink blue, second from right.

These are the soft, almost pastel colors that I recommend for blondes with cool undertones.

A little bit of color didn't hurt anybody, besides we are not talking about deadly curves to watch out for here......or are we? Then just go ahead and wear that black! 



Aha! Haz visto la señal de tráfico que puse arriba? Curva peligrosa? Así es, la señalización de tráfico esta hecha mundialmente en negro sobre un fondo amarillo. Esta combinación de color ha sido probada como la que llama la atención con mayor rapidez.

Esto me recuerda mucho a las personas rubias. Muchas veces les gusta vestirse de negro, porque esté gran contraste hace que llamen la atención. Aunque no todas las personas con ese color de cabello quieren llamar la atención en todo momento y lugar, no sería apropiado en algunas situaciones.

Si queréis llamar la atención, con tu cabello Rubio, natural o no, y hasta usando una peluca de se color, lo lograrás recurriendo al clásico vestidito negro. Pero si lo que quieres es que las personas puedan apreciar tus rasgos, el brillo de tus ojos, tu belleza natural, entonces te sugerimos que utilices otros colores, más a menudo.

En neutrales, podemos ver en la primera paleta de colores, el azul tinta, y el gris, o beige, además del blanco (mejor manteca que nieve).

Sugiero para esta primavera, los tonos pasteles en celestes, verdes y rosas, que pueden ver en la segunda paleta. Estos colores tienen una base fría, y quedan mejor a las personas rubias más ceniza que caramelo. De todas maneras recuerden que no sólo es el tono del cabello lo que cuenta al elegir nuestros mejores colores, sino el de la piel, y los ojos.

Si todavía no se convencieron y quieren seguir utilizando el negro a diario, tengan cuidado si llaman demasiado la atención por las razones equivocadas.....curvas peligrosas...alguna?

Jueguen con los colores y a disfrutar!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do blondes really have more fun?!

Definitely not when they are wearing Black!!!

Take a look and see for yourself the type of colors, blondes like to wear!

I am not going to make any suggestions on this post, on coloring your hair. I will just mention, probably to the surprise of many...that wearing BLACK usually does NOT flatter blondes! So I guess Marilyn was right by wearing that white dress that made her even more famous! It wasn't black, or was it?!

All those blondes out there (natural or not! We don't discriminate here), keep posted for tips on choosing the best colors for you!

You will see a few women here, wearing black, and it actually doesn't look too bad, but bare in mind, that these are pictures that usually just show the back, and you can't really grasp the persons face or features.

Are you blond? Do you love to wear black? Why? Let us know! We can suggest other options that will work much better!

Greenwich Village, NYC Winter Street-style

 A stroll through the West Village and the feeling the hope that Spring will come, meanwhile just enjoy the cold, freezing air! 

Caminando por Greenwich Village, antes que comenzara nuevamente la nevada!!

Hay mucho mas street-style por venir! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013


What would you wear if outside were -2C? Yes! I can't believe it's still this cold! Here you can see what women are wearing to cover their feet here in NYC...we still need to go through a very long winter! These boots are a must! Hopefully the cold winter season will finish soon!

I leave you with some ideas for the Southern Hemisphere coming Winter 2013, you have to start getting your boots ready!

For the northern hemisphere upcoming Spring/Summer, I have a few great ideas that will soon share! Look up for updates!

Now enjoy the Winter Boots @ NYC street-style!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Should I get my colors done?

What is Color Analysis? 

What does having your colors done mean? There are Color Specialists, usually Image Consultants, who through a series of tests diagnose your basic natural genetically determined coloring. That means you will start to understand your skin's undertone, as it relates to the three primary colors, yellow, red and blue. You will understand it more when you can SEE these colors in yourself. And I will put up pictures of people and explain more about it in the coming weeks.

Through a series of Color Analysis Test Tools, and even more so, through their own trained expert eye, an Image Consultant/Color Analyst can tell you which colors are most flattering to you.

I love Color, I believe in the power of color to lift our spirits up, or to drag us down. I can feel it myself, when I am wearing a color I like and that looks good on me, I feel more at ease, like that is taken care of. If I am wearing the wrong color/combination, I kind of feel like I would @ a bad hair day! And I totally hate those! which tend to happen often lately, because either I've bought the wrong shampoo for my hair type, or it's NYC's weather! Well, that is another subject, for another post! Hair!!!

Now, let's go back to COLOR!

The psychology of color, is a very interesting field. Its findings are applied daily by advertising professionals, graphic designers, interior decorators, architects, painters, textile designers, restauranteurs, marketers and the list goes on and on...we live in a predominately visual world, so it makes sense that we should understand more and more how color works.

So if all of them are applying the Power of Color, why shouldn't you do so? I think the majority of us would like to get more results on our daily lives. Have more energy, feel calmer, more patient, more approachable, friendlier, more authoritative...You name it! Color is a very useful tool that can help us come closer to our goals, or the people we love, or want to attract!

The power of color cannot be underestimated.

So then, back to the question...Is it worth having your colors done?

Yes!  It is worth having a Color Analysis done by an expert on personal coloring.  

If you have a very good natural eye, you probably already own a lot of clothes and accessories in colors that are flattering to you. The key in having your color analysis done, is understanding why certain colors make your face look more vibrant and young, and some others make you look tired or older. And then choose accordingly when you buy new items, or decide to get rid of some that are the "wrong" colors for us.

We can simplify our choices by narrowing down, what looks naturally good on us. And can save time in the morning, instead of swimming through our closet trying to find something that works.

You will know, how to choose the "color of the season" as a color based on your undertone, and make it work for you, instead of being a victim of it.
Spring is coming in the Northern Hemisphere, and YELLOW is a huge trend this coming season. So not everybody can wear yellow and look good...Is it? Well once you understand undertones, you will find out, that even if you don't think yellow looks good on you, there are certain yellows that you can work beautifully.

You see, it is not Just about the psychology of color, or the color of the season. It is about our  own individual characteristics and how they relate to color! Again this is all about knowing ourselves and using the tools at our disposal to make our dreams and goals more reachable.

This is the First post of a series of posts on Color Analysis, I hope this excites you as much as it excites me! And hoping to guide you through a path of self discovery that will literally change the way you look at yourself! There is a before and an after a personalized Color Analysis...You start to make personalized informed decisions and will love yourself for it!


Vale la pena hacer un Análisis de MIS colores?

Claro que sí! Y les voy a contar porque...

Las personas idóneas para realizar un diagnóstico de analisis del color, en general son Consultoras de Imagen, que ofrecen este servicio dentro de un grupo de servicios más generales, como pueden ser, 

  • Cambios de look
  • Reorganización del Closet
  • Personal Shopping
  • Estrategias de Crecimiento Laboral-Personal
  • Estilismo y Asesoría para  Eventos Especiales

El color es un factor muy importante al momento de decidir que nos vamos a poner, en el dia a dia, pero más aún, cuando tenemos un evento importante. 

El color tiene muchisimas connotaciones emocionales, que más alla de la historia personal nuestra, y las asociaciones inconcientes que hemos hecho, nos influye cotideanamente. Esto bien lo saben los publicistas, profesionales de marketing, los decoradores de interiores, disenadores, pintores, etc. En el mundo actual predomina la estimulación visual, por eso es necesario que sepamos que hay detrás del uso del color, y como podemos usarlos nosotros personalmente para acercarnos más a nuestras metas. 
El color es una herramienta muy poderosa, y muy gratificante!

Las temporadas siempre se caracterizan por ¨imponer¨ un color como tendencia, y varios adicionales que lo complementan. A veces, como sucede ahora que comienza la primavera en el hemisferio norte, y que se siente la presencia del AMARILLO como color protagonista, nos da un poquito de miedo. Pero si a mi el amarillo no me queda nada bien! ...La clave está en saber identificar cuales son los tonos de amarillo que podemos usar. 

Básicamente los colores tienen un subtono que depende de los tres colores primarios de los cuales están formados. Cada color tiende más hacia el amarillo, ó hacia el azul, y el rojo está en el equilibrio del centro. Está es la clave básica para entender nuestros colores. 

Lo que hace un Analista del Color, es identificar y diagnosticar los subtonos de nuestra piel, y amalgamárlos a nuestro colorido personal presente en los ojos, y el cabello. Se tienen en cuenta además factores como el color de cabello en la niñez, y el colorido de nuestras venas. 

En que me beneficia saber cual es mi colorido personal? Luego del diagnóstico, el experto en color, te guiará a elegir aquellos colores que te hacen lucir más joven, más energica, más viva, porque están en armonía contigo . Usar un color inadecuado puede hacer que nos veamos más grandes, y más cansadas de lo que realmente estamos. 

Aprender sobre el color, y aplicarlo en nosotras mismas, es una estrategia excelente que nos ayuda a dar un paso gigantesco hacia definir nuestro propio estilo, y alcanzar nuestras metas.

Este es el primero de una serie de Post sobre el Analisis del Color. Espero el tema les guste, tanto como a mi! Sabes cuáles son tus colores? Qué método utilizaste para descubrirlos?


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